Join Jeanette for a 4-week mentorship program!

Class Content

Topics covered over this 4 Week Mentorship course includes:

1. Your Gift: The course helps you discover and leverage your unique skills and qualities as a breeder.

2. The BAB Oath: You will learn about the principles and responsibilities of ethical breeding.

3. Choosing Breeding Parents: The course guides you in selecting suitable breeding dogs based on various factors.

4. Health Testing: You will gain knowledge on the importance of health testing and interpreting the results.

5. Pregnancy Care: The course covers proper care and management for pregnant dogs.

6. Neonatal Critical Care: You will learn how to provide essential care to newborn puppies.

7. Deworming Litters: The course teaches you the appropriate methods for deworming puppies.

8. Building/Believing in Your Tagline: You will explore strategies for developing and promoting your breeding program's tagline.

9. Finding Your Voice as a Breeder: The course helps you navigate your journey as a breeder and find your authentic voice.

10. Whelping 101: You will learn about the essentials of the whelping process.

11. From Delivery to Go Home: The course covers the critical period from birth to when puppies are ready to go to their new homes.

12. How to Raise an Empowered Puppy: You will gain insights into empowering and nurturing puppies for their well-being.

**Please note that this is a recording of a previously offered live Mentorship class.**

This course will NOT cover color genetics, nutrition, or puppy evaluations. You can access the puppy evaluation course below.

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